2010 Publications

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Journal Papers

1. R. A. JABR, B. C. PAL, N. MARTINS and J. C. R. FERRAZ, Robust and Coordinated Tuning of Power System Stabilizer Gains using Sequential Linear Programing, IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Vol. 4, Iss. 8, pp. 893 - 904, 2010.
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2. JABR, R. A., PAL, B. C., MARTINS, N., A Sequential Conic Programming Approach for the Coordinated and Robust Design of Power System Stabilizers. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, USA, Vol. 25 , Issue 3, August 2010, pp. 1627-1637.
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3. ROMMES, J., MARTINS, N., FREITAS, F. , Computing Rightmost Eigenvalues for Small-Signal Stability Assessment of Large-Scale Power Systems. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, USA, Vol. 25, Issue 2, May 2010, pp. 929-938
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Conference Papers, Presentations

1. PINTO, F.T., PELLANDA, P.C., MARTINS, N., Método de Cálculo do Lugar das Raízes de Sistemas com Atraso: Aplicação ao Sistema de Controle de Propulsão de Navios. Proceedings of XVIII Congresso Brasileiro de Automática, Bonito, Brazil, September 2010.

2. ADIBI, M.M., MARTINS, N., WATANABE, E.H., The Impact of FACTS and Other New Technologies on Power System Restoration Dynamics. Proceedings of IEEE PES General Meeting, Minneapolis, USA, July 2010.

3. I.C. Decker, R.J.G. da Silva, M.N. Agostini, N. Martins, System wide model validation of the Brazilian Interconnected Power System. Power and Energy Society General Meeting, p. 1-8, Minneapolis, USA, July 2010.
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