2005 Publications

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Journal Papers

1. ANDERSSON, G.; DONALEK, P.; FARMER, R.; HATZIARGYRIOU, N.; KAMWA, I.; KUNDUR, P.; MARTINS, N.; PASERBA, J.; POURBEIK, P.; SANCHEZ-GASCA, J.; SCHULZ, R.; STANKOVIC, A.; TAYLOR, C.; VITTAL, V. Causes of the 2003 Major Grid Blackouts in North America and Europe and Recommended Means to Improve System Dynamic Performance IEEE Transactions on Power Systems , USA, Vol. 20, No. 4, p.1922-1928, November 2005.
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2. GOMES JR, Sérgio; MARTINS, Nelson; VARRICCHIO, Sergio Luiz; PORTELA, Carlos Manuel de Jesus C. M. Modal Analysis of Electromagnetic Transients in ac Networks Having Long Transmission Lines IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, USA, Vol. 20, No. 4, p. 2623-2630, October 2005.
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Conference Papers, Presentations

1. S. GOMES JR., N. MARTINS, A. STANKOVIC; Panel session on FACTS Power Electronics Application to Improve Power System Dynamic Performance, Part IIPN19 Tuesday, October 11, 2005 1:30 pm-3:30 pm. Sponsored by: Power System Dynamic Performance Committee (Session Chair: JOHN PASERBA), Paper 05TD0652 Improved Controller Design Using New Dynamic Phasor Models of SVCs Suitable for High-Frequency Analysis (Panelist: Sergio Gomes Jr.). For other papers in this Panel Session please refer to the link below
2. MARTINS, N.; SILVA, F.G.; PELLANDA, P.C.; Utilizing transfer function modal equivalents of low-order for the design of power oscillation damping controllers in large power systems. Power Engineering Society General Meeting, 2005. IEEE June 12-16, 2005 Page(s):2642 – 2648
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3. GOMES, S.; VARRICCHIO, S.L.; MARTINS, N.; PORTELA, C.; Results on modal analysis to speed-up electromagnetic transient simulations.Power Engineering Society General Meeting, 2005. IEEEJune 12-16, 2005 Page(s):2744 - 2751
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